Welcome Ecclesia (Ek-lay-‘see-uh), which means “an assembly of those called out of the community” or “a community of those called out” of religion, man-made organizations, or whatever sin or sins we were practicing when He called us—and into His Kingdom of right-living.

This is a meeting and discussion section for you, the citizens of our Messiah’s Kingdom of Heaven.

NOTE: Rules for your participation.
● BE Respectful of others
● DO NOT Reveal personally identifiable information that could help evil doers to find and harm you
● NO Profanity
● NO Sexually explicit topics, messages, or images
● NO Verbal abuse of others
● NO Harassment of others
● NO Racial, ethnic, gender, or age related slurs or discrimination
● ANY Violation of these rules will bring you either a warning, a restriction of your use of our site, or being banned from our online ecclesia.



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